Flathead Beverage is proud to be involved in the communities we serve.

Having the right resources can help foster important conversations with your teenagers, especially when it comes to alcohol. The Family Talk About Drinking website provides tips to help parents talk with children of any age to help prevent underage drinking. You can also find advice and tools to build trusting relationships – the key to helping your teenagers make the right decisions about underage drinking.

Learn about what Anheuser Busch is doing for communities across the US. We are proud to support the communities that we service by hosting cleanup days around the shores of local lakes, and the trail system that we are fortunate to have located just out our doors.

Research is the foundation of our alcohol responsibility initiatives, which helps us reach the right audiences with impactful programs. Information regarding drunk driving prevention, underage drinking, responsible retailing, and responsible marketing can be found along with data specifically regarding Montana’s statistics.



Flathead Beverage has been an avid community supporter over the past 60 years and we continue to do our best to assist every charitable cause we can. All submissions will receive an e-mailed response on whether Flathead Beverage can or cannot contribute.

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